Love Made Me came out of the belief that everything we see, touch, and feel should be infused with love. Our hope is to make everyday things more lovely. Let's take life a little less seriously and enjoy the whimsical and vibrant side that is the essence of youth. After all, Love Made You and Love Made Me.

We are a small, family - run business. It's me, my husband and our 6 year old daughter, Daisy, who is the inspiration behind Love Made Me.

We wanted to create something together, alchemizing our experience with product development and design. 

Quickly this idea has taken a mind of its own as more and more talented people touch and influence us. 

We plan to bring you fresh insight and product that will allow us the opportunity to contribute back to our community.  

I studied journalism and design and love to share my experience as a woman and a citizen of our world. I am passionate about natural healing and radical self care. With this blog I hope to spread love, promote joy and create some High Vibes together.

Welcome to our Tribe where you can find connection, community and creative inspiration.


Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow ~ John Lennon