Here's to New Beginnings!

For me, spring always feels like a more authentic beginning to the new year. Partly because my birthday falls in April, but I think most of us can’t help but sense the shift in energy. Longer, warmer days combined with new life sprouting everywhere evokes the true spirit of spring. Traditionally, New Year’s was celebrated after the Spring Equinox on April 1. After this holiday was moved back on the calendar to follow Christmas, the Christians mocked the Pagans who still followed the traditional ways by celebrating New Year’s in April, and called them April Fools. I love this story since it falls one day after my birthday and I always secretly wonder if my Mom fudged my birth time to save me the ridicule.

I have been ruminating for quite awhile on how to bring Love Made Me to life and this seems like the perfect time to just go for it. The world needs more love right now. My hope is to share and receive some valuable insight on how to stay happy and healthy during this pivital shift we are all going through together. At the park today, the warm wind blew the cherry blossoms off the trees and the children chased the blooms through the tall grass. Someone remarked, “So there is still hope for this world”. I couldn’t agree more. Here’s to the change in season, a fresh start and new beginnings.