WTF is a Swaddle?


Oh, the endless lineup of gear you are supposed to acquire as a new parent. I remember debating over long lists of “must haves for your newborn” and only having a vague idea wtf any of it really was. So I was not surprised when many people asked us WTF is a swaddle? when we embarked on this journey. Believe me, I sure as hell did not know and it is quite ironic that we would choose to create this product. Let me explain.

Swaddling is an age old practice of wrapping a newborn in cloth to keep him warm and protected from flailing limbs due to moro reflex, which occurs in all newborns and creates a sensation of falling. The infant will spread and unspread his arms and often cry. Tightly wrapping the infant soothes the baby and helps him sleep longer with fewer awakenings.

I was convinced (delusional) my darling baby would be wrapped as the ancients have through history. I imagined many sleep filled nights and peaceful days spent napping and lounging around doing nothing as a stay at home mom. Babies sleep a lot right? Well, some do and some don’t. Ours did not. No matter how lovingly we tried to wrap Dear Daisy, she managed to squirm her way out. We logged hours of frustration testing out all types of contraptions and watching youtube videos trying to figure it out. Honestly we should have just saved the time and expense. Daisy was not meant to sleep like a baby until her baby days were far behind her.

However, I did get quite a lot of use out of my swaddle collection for reasons other than intended baby wrapping / peaceful sleeping. Especially since I had so many waking hours to brainstorm new purpose. Here are some ideas to get you thinking of how to use these lovelies: Nursing Cover, Burping Cloth, Stroller Cover, Lightweight Blanket when baby gets older, Sarong or Scarf in a pinch.