Spring Detox!

We spend a lot time and energy tidying up our homes for spring cleaning. What about the house we literally live in, our bodies? A change of season is the perfect time to clean up our act with a spring detox.

Spending a day, a week or a month to reset your digestion and immune system can be quite beneficial and does not have to involve drastic measures such as starvation. You can choose a longer fast consisting of soups and raw foods, or take a day or two and juice it out. Go into the detox with a mindset to nourish and rebuild. A few things you will want to avoid include caffeine, alcohol, dairy, meat and sugar in order to give the digestive system a well deserved break.

Nurture your body with fresh tonics, soups and juices. Start your day with a warm glass of water spiked with honey and apple cider vinegar. This will help stimulate the digestive system. It is also a good idea to keep a pitcher of water infused with lemon, mint, cucumber and ginger on hand.

Bone Broth is an ancient healing remedy your grandmother probably made for you. This tonic is full of nutrients to rejuvenate the system and heal digestive tissue. It is loaded with collagen which supports cardiovascular health, vision, and immunity. Sip as a substitute for coffee, use as a base for veggie soup or in place of water when cooking grains.

Soup that is packed with fiber rich vegetables is a great way to cleanse because it keeps you feeling full longer. The warmth is comforting for your body when the weather is chilly and It is  easy on the digestive system. Soup is also a great transition in and out of a more intense juice fast.

If you choose whole foods, prepare them raw or lightly steamed. Alkalizing foods will help to bring your body back into a PH balanced state and include lemon, cucumber, kale and chard.  

Nature has a magnificent way of providing just what we need with seasonal produce. Spring is full of naturally astringent foods such as asparagus and artichoke which detoxify the system and balance the heavy, sweet bounty of winter.

Earthing is the practice of walking barefoot to connect with the earth’s free floating electrons through the soles of your feet. This is believed to support better sleep and reduce inflammation and pain. Seeing as how we are not designed to walk in shoes on concrete, there may be some truth to this. Regardless, you have nothing to lose as it is completely free and feels amazing to walk on fresh grass. Do this with your kids to double the fun.

Your mouth tells more than words. Chinese Medicine states a healthy mouth determines a healthy body. Oil Pulling is the technique of swishing a tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes before spitting out. The benefits include whiter teeth and overall improved oral hygiene by eliminating bacteria and infection that can enter through the mouth.

Try Dry Skin Brushing as an invigorating detox. Skin is the largest organ and you can greatly improve your health by removing toxins, stimulating the lymphatic system, reducing cellulite and increasing circulation. Start by using a high quality natural brush which you can easily find for under $20 at an organic pharmacy. Begin at the feet and work your way up, always brushing toward the heart to stimulate circulation. Incorporate this into daily morning routine before your shower as it has energizing qualities.

Sweating is your body's natural detox method. A sauna, steam or hot bath can help facilitate the process. Fill your Detox Bath with water as hot as you can stand it, a few cups of epsom salt, and add a few tablespoons of ginger and baking soda to draw out toxins, lower stress related hormones and balance ph levels. An evening bath is a relaxing ritual to look forward to and promotes deeply restorative sleep.

Pay attention to your thoughts and the way you speak to yourself. Our thoughts create our reality. Negative self talk can be as toxic as pollutants so catch yourself when you are being hard on yourself. Avoid negative relationships and situations. Positive thoughts, affirmations or a mantra can help if you find yourself slipping into negativity. This can be as easy as setting an intention each day to treat yourself with loving kindness and compassion.