Easy Energy Boosters

Ask any mother how she is feeling and you will most likely hear some form of exhausted. The demands of motherhood often leave us with little energy and time left for ourselves. However it is necessary to build in time for rest and recovery to avoid getting sick and burnt out. Taking the time to rejuvenate gives us the strength to keep going. While a day at the spa or a week long vacation is a special treat, sneaking self care into your daily routine creates lifelong habits that keep you healthy and strong.

Relax. Studies have found we are more productive and creative when our head space is clear. Meditation is a powerful way to calm the mind. It costs nothing and requires a very small time commitment. Just ten minutes per day will have a profound effect on overall well being.

Put your phone away and read an actual book before bed. Reading stimulates our imagination and is a perfect way to calm the mind and prepare for a deep and restorative sleep.

Write your thoughts and feelings down in a journal. The act of writing sets a concrete intention toward manifesting our goals and aspirations.

Massage and acupuncture help stimulate the lymphatic system, which moves waste and toxins out of out of the body. Other ways to support the lymphatic system include dry skin brushing, rebounding on a trampoline and staying well hydrated.

Increase the protein in your diet by consuming foods such as spinach, quinoa, rice and beans. Add protein powder to your morning smoothie for an all day boost. Reduce or eliminate sugar and processed foods, which your body has to work hard to digest, leaving you feeling sluggish. Increase your mineral intake of magnesium and iron with foods such as bananas, seafood, meat, seeds and beans.

Commune with nature. Connecting to the earth’s energy is foundational for vibrant health. Anxiety and stress decrease when we spend time outdoors. Grow a garden. As we move into the colder months, bring nature indoors with a windowsill herb garden. Walk in the woods or through a park. Cooking a meal from scratch with seasonal ingredients unites us back to the cycle of life.

Move your body. Yoga is an excellent way to unwind and you can practice this anywhere. Restorative yoga has a profound impact on reducing stress in the body. For instance, Legs up the Wall pose is super calming for the nervous system yet leaves you feeling more energized than a nap. A simple walk is a great way to clear the mind. Music is transformative and a family dance party is a fun way for both kids and adults to lighten up and take life a little less seriously.