The Great Outdoors


Once autumn hits, the reality of shorter days and colder weather starts to set in. We know the warm sunny days are coming to a close and there is a natural tendency to begin preparations for our winter hibernation. With the kids locked up in school all day and endless hours logged in an office, one last hurrah in nature sounds like the perfect way to lift the roof from over our heads and soak up the last bit of Vitamin C for the year.

Fun Fall Activities include apple picking, hiking, rafting and biking. Attend the last outdoor concert or street festival before the season shuts down for the year. Try a family hayride or a picnic. Make a pilgrimage to the farmers market to check out what’s growing before the farmers pack it in until spring. Camping is a great way to spend quality time outside. There are lots of sleeping options for the less adventurous such as yurts, cabins or even a tree house. Make s’mores, sit in front of a campfire and tell ghost stories. Life can get quite serious with homework, deadlines and the looming holidays. So grab your family, pack a bag and get after it before it slips away.  

Relax and remember to breathe the fresh air to clear your head. Turn up the Quiet. Our thoughts are often cluttered when indoors and nature serves as a spring cleaning for the mind. This is true for the young and old alike. Watch how productivity rises at school and work after a day spent outdoors.  

Practice Distance Gazing by looking outward at a sunrise or sunset. We spend so much time staring down at our phones and tablets our eyes need the exercise of looking off into the horizon. Enjoy the fact you can see for miles. Challenge yourself to leave your phone off and vow to use only for emergencies. Your kids will enjoy the undivided attention and it will be waiting for you upon your return. A day without it may be just what you need to literally unplug.

Spending time outdoors is a gift you can give not only for you and your family but to generations to come. Children need the opportunity to appreciate nature in order to become stewards of the land to preserve and protect it’s future. Only by spending time in nature can children develop a love, respect and understanding for our magnificent planet.