Staying Fit Through the Frost


With the cold dark days of winter upon us it is tempting to give in to the urge to hibernate. Often this time of year our healthy diets go out the window and workouts are something to worry about when January rolls around. Those resolutions will be a lot easier to reach if you keep consistent with your routine. Staying on top of your diet and exercise habits helps to control holiday weight gain and fights off that sluggish feeling. Resist the urge to let your healthy routine slumber with these tips to staying fit through the colder months.

Take advantage of the bright mornings and schedule your workout first thing. This gets it out of the way and eliminates the urge to talk yourself out of going once the dark afternoon hits and you just want to stay inside. Working out in the morning sets you up to make better choices through the day. It helps to to start the morning with a clear mind and an extra boost of energy. Try setting out your clothes and gym bag the night before so you can easily grab and go without putting too much thought into it. The less thought the better. “Just Do It” is a great mantra to get you going.

This is a great time to try out a new class. It helps to sign up for classes online a few days ahead so you know the schedule and attendance keeps you accountable to the class. Have a workout buddy who can motivate you on days when you feel your resolve slipping. Be sure to reciprocate. Trying something new provides a fresh perspective and can be just the thing to invigorate you from the winter doldrums.

If you are a more outdoorsy type, there are so many activities you can do outside in the colder months. Take advantage of the reflective and quiet time of year to engage in the alone sports such as skiing or hiking in the woods. This is ideal way to find your center and stay calm in the chaos of holiday season. There are many outdoor activities where the whole family can participate. Sledding and ice skating are great fun and burn a ton of calories. Try building a snowman or if you are feeling adventurous, challenge your kids to a snowball fight. This is a great way to bond and build family traditions all while staying fit together as a family.

Be sure to reward yourself for your efforts. Keep the treat healthy like a massage mani / pedi or purchase new tunes to enhance your workout.Invest in new fancy shower gel, bubble bath or Love Made Me bath bomb! New lingerie will show off your sleek new figure and get you ready for Valentines Day that is right around the corner.